10 Tips to Excel at Job Interviews


Perform your best and get the job of your dreams

When you go into an interview for a job there are certain things that you need to take into consideration if you really want to provide people with a good service. In this article we are going to give you 5 important ways to make sure that you do your best when you go into a job interview.

1. Make sure you read and memorise your own CV
Some people might say that this is an obvious thing but it’s not really the case. There are many people who create their own resumes and don’t even remember some of the things they wrote and the dates they used. If the human resources person asks you anything about your resume and you hesitate in any way, this will give them a bad first impression of you. Make sure that doesn’t happen and memorise your curriculum.

2. Prepare
Research the company you are being interviewed by and make sure you know their background, strategies and future plans. Their website is a good start but also ask any contacts in your network who may have knowledge of company. Annual Company Reports can usually be found on the website or through an internet search and this is a good way to find out further details.

3. Practice

Find out and practice the types of interview questions that you think they will ask you. One of the best ways is to take an Interview Skills Course and get professional coaching to make sure you perform your best. Learning to succeed in interviews is no different from learning golf! It takes professional teaching and feedback.

4. Look your best
You might think that your presentation is not as important as your experience but this is not true. You should look your best when you are looking to apply for any kind of serious job. If you have to invest in new clothes to go to important job interviews just do it. It will be worth it for sure.

5. Relax
Make sure you sleep well the night before the interview and take some deep breaths while you are waiting outside the interview room.

6. Speak clearly and control your emotions
You must show the person who is interviewing you that you are in complete control of your emotions and that you are a very articulate person who can speak properly. This is a great way to make sure that you will be one of their top picks.

7. Ask the proper questions
Remember that this is a two-way interaction. The company are finding out if they like you and if you fit in. But you are also discovering if you actually want the job. However, avoid talking about the amount of money you are going to make and the kind of benefits you will receive too much. You should ask about the kind of goals that the company has and things that show your general interest in them. Also ask when they are likely to make a decision and what to expect next to also reinforce your interest in the position.

8. If they ask for additional information send it as soon as possible.
Don’t keep them waiting if they ask you to send them more documents or copies of your certificates. The sooner you do this, the more chances you will have of being seen as someone efficient and reliable.

9. Have references ready.

Contact your potential referees before your interview and talk to them about how important this career move is for you. These days having a written reference letter is just the start as most companies will contact the referee directly via email or phone.

10. Follow Up
Write an email or call the person that interviewed you. They are probably interviewing a number of other candidates and this will make sure that they remember your name during the decision making process.

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