Corporate Business English Speaking & Conversation

Hong Kong - Course Code : BEC CP

Designed to enable clear spoken English communication in the workplace

Many multi-national companies experience spoken communication difficulties both internally with staff from different countries and externally with clients.

This course designed to enable your staff, managers and executives to improve their spoken English communication skills and thus improve communication efficiency in the workplace.

It extends and perfects your staffs’ understanding of spoken English usage in both professional and social situations. We use proven teaching methods and employ workshop style teaching with role plays which allow for effective, enjoyable and interesting lessons.

This is a small group course customised to your company’s training needs.

All our English tutors are internationally qualified, native English teachers with years of experience. They have worked in senior positions in management and so understand exactly what English skills are needed in today's workplace.

Selected Syllabus Items

  • Pronunciation and Intonation
  • Speaking in Business Meetings
  • Clear and Concise Spoken Communication
  • Spoken English Grammar
  • Using Ice-breakers in business meetings
  • Effective Listening Skills
  • Social English Conversation for the workplace
  • Communicating clearly on the phone
  • Confirming meaning by Paraphrasing
  • Asking clear questions

The course gives in-depth, practical training for rapid improvement in Spoken Business English communication.
The Small Group teaching format enables immediate correction and feedback.

This course uses customised materials, specialised audio recordings and video feedback.

We offer
  • Customized courses
  • Workshop style teaching format with extensive practice
  • Experienced native English trainers who have worked in business themselves


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