HKEnglish Announces Launch of Business English Writing Course Aimed at Helping Hong Kong Executives Communicate More Clearly


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HKEnglish Announces Launch of Business English Writing Course Aimed at Helping Hong Kong Executives Communicate More Clearly

With the amount of business that occurs between Hong Kong companies and the English speaking world, the ability for a Hong Kong executive or manager to write well in English is becoming a must. have stepped up to help, recently launching a “one on one” Business English Writing Course, where students can master writing better English business emails, letters and reports.

April 3, 2017

When it comes to skills Hong Kong business executives and managers need to become competent in to perform optimally, many experts point to being able communicate clearly in English in their business writing and email writing, as being quite vital. Answering the call for help in this important area is the widely respect language experts at HKEnglish. In exciting news, the company recently announced the launch of their new Business English Writing Course focused on using proven effective “one on one” tutoring methods to help Hong Kong business professionals learn to write clearly, concisely and correctly in their business English communications of all kinds. Early students couldn't be happier about the course.

“Our new Business English Writing Course will help individuals in Hong Kong raise their writing skills to a new level.” commented Ian Nock, Director of Studies at “We also understand the difficulties Hong Kong executives and managers have with writing business documents in English and our mission is to provide the highest quality, professional writing courses possible.”

According to the company, they are happy to employ only fully skilled and internationally qualified Native Business English tutors who work closely with clients based on their current ability level and planning their course program from that point for best results, rather than taking a cookie cutter approach. The end result is generally quicker progress, less frustration and, ultimately, better English business writing, email writing and letter writing, all valuable skills for the Hong Kong business person.

Feedback for the new course has been very positive across the board.

Lau W., from Hong Kong, recently said in a five star review, “While I used to write in English before taking the Business English Writing Course from, my emails and business letters were clearly not very professional and probably sometimes hard to understand. This course helped me fix these problems, boosted my confidence and I really feel that this has helped our business communication with English speakers. I highly recommend it.”

About is a Hong Kong-based English service provider with internationally qualified and experienced native English tutors as well as business skills trainers. The company was established in 2001 with a mission to provide quality English Courses in HK, which are customized to match individual, business and corporate needs. Its varying programs focus on establishing proficiency in the English language as well as business communication skills among executives, senior managers, companies and organizations in Hong Kong.


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