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Telephone no.: 2916 8887 Launches Professional CV Writing Services and Job Interview Training Courses in Hong Kong, a leading provider of high quality English language services, has launched their professional CV writing services and job interview courses in Hong Kong. The company aims to help individuals in Hong Kong improve their communication to international job market standards necessary for their career growth.
It is popularly understood that the success of any business is usually attributed to one important thing, which is none other than clear communication. In the international market, almost all transactions are done using the English language. Today, most of the employers in Hong Kong demand high quality resumes and CVs in English. However, with the relatively low English proficiency in Hong Kong, most job hunters find it hard to compete with other applicants while companies also experience difficulty in selecting the right applicants who can be an asset to their business.
Many non-native English speaking business executives experience difficulty in writing their CV’s in English. In addition, senior executives are usually interviewed in English but new graduates or, alternatively, those executives who have been in the same job for a long time, often lack job interview experience & the relevant English skills to perform well. These days, Hong Kong based multi-national companies require workers to be proficient in English speaking and writing as well as Cantonese and Mandarin (Putonghua).’s expert career teachers and professional writers aim to help individuals improve their career progression. provides clients with high quality, professional English CV (Curriculum Vitae) writing services and job interview skills training for individuals looking for promotion or a new job. The service was officially launched this February 2014. Individuals who are looking to move ahead in their careers this year can benefit highly from the company’s new services. They will learn how to showcase their abilities and experience in order to stand apart from the rest of the applicants.
"Our new Job Interview Training Course will help individuals in Hong Kong raise their skills to a new level." Ian Nock, Director of Studies, said. "We also understand the difficulties Hong Kong executives have with writing a CV in English and our mission is to provide the highest quality, professional resume writing services possible,”.

###’s official headquarters is located in Hong Kong, China. For more information about the company and the services it offers, visit its official business site at
For inquiries and comments, contact Ian Nock (Director of Studies at at 2916 8887 or email at

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