Do Australian Graduates Have Poor English?

Hong Kong Australian Graduates - Poor English?

New research from Monash University shows that 33% of students leaving Australian Universities have sub-standard levels of English. One of the groups having the worst standard of English are the students from Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the study team headed by Dr Bob Birrell reports that many universities in Australia accept students with only grade 5 in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and goes on to suggest that the minimum should actually be grade IELTS grade 6.

It seems that university English level entry requirements will be raised in the near future for foreign students, and perhaps more English classes held during undergraduate study. Hong Kong students should prepare themselves in order to get the IELTS grade 6 plus they will need under these new stricter rules.

This is sure to have a knock on effect for Hong Kong graduates hoping to remain in Australia after graduation and gain permanent residence. Even if they manage to get permanent residence it seems that employers will be less likely to employ them as well.

So how can you make sure your English level is up to standard before you leave for Australia? Well, luckily the answer is simple! Study and practice more.

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