Better English for your Career in Hong Kong HK

As the world's economies grow and international trade develops, the need for a universal language becomes paramount. Of course that universal language is English.

Hong Kong has always been the centre of trade between the West and China. The Pearl of the Orient, as it is sometimes called, has thrived because of its deep water harbour, its hardworking population and its links to mainland China. In 1997 it was re-united with the motherland when succession was handed over from the British colonial rulers.

With globalisation comes the need for better communications. The internet has brought the technical infrastructure needed for such communications and an email passes from one continent to another in just milliseconds in noughts and ones - the language of computers. But what of the content of these messages? They, for the most part, are written in English. And the same fibre optic cables that connect the computers of the world also transmit the voice calls made through standard, and not so standard, telephones. And what is the language of these calls? For the most part English.

The need for English is growing every day. And so should your proficiency of this international language of trade. Having poor English skills these days is more common than not knowing how to use the internet, so isn't it time to catch up? Being able to send an email just isn't good enough. The content needs to be Clear, Concise and Correct for your message to get through. And for the dollars to roll in.

Start improving your English today.