Hong Kong schools to teach in English again

After almost ten years of being banned from using English as the medium of instruction, secondary schools in Hong Kong are to be allowed to teach curriculum in English once again.

This reverses an order instigated by the former Chief executive in 1998 after the handover to mainland China. After this directive just over 100 schools were allowed to use English as the medium of instruction.

This positive move comes as the standard of English language proficiency in Hong Kong has fallen to unbelievably low levels. Hong Kong is an international city and most of its trade is external so English is vitally important if Hong Kong is to survive in the global marketplace.

Schools will now be able to choose to teach in English on a class by class basis as long as the majority of their students can pass an English test to make sure that they are up to learning in English.

Learning English is a lifelong activity. Even if you have finished school its not too late to improve your English language proficiency. The most effective way is to enrol in a high quality English language course.