Improve Your Oral English

Using English outside the office is rare in Hong Kong. Most people prefer to use Cantonese. "Why not? It's our own language!", people will exclaim. A survey found that even in academia English is 99% only used in the classroom and even then often supplemented with Cantonese for the difficult explanations that always occur. Most of my students say that their objective of studying English is to become more fluent and have better pronunciation.

So how can YOU improve your English when all your friends and colleagues want to speak Cantonese? Even if you try they will probably answer you back in Cantonese or even worse, bad English!

Seeing how there are so few opportunities to practice, getting the help of a private English tutor is your best bet. You can practice one to one with a native speaker and become more fluent. You can get your pronunciation and vocabulary corrected there and then.

Its great fun! And its not expensive! You can even team up with your friends for even more fun! Think what an investment you are making in your job prospects and career!