Global Economy Rebounding? Time to invest in your English skills!

2009 was the worst year for global economies since the 1930's. However, after worldwide government intervention last year, it seems that the economy is now rebounding. Although companies will probably be keeping a tight grip on their purse strings in 2010, many will be seeking to promote staff.

It could never be a better time to invest in your career. English communication skills is one of the highest rated qualities employers look for when hiring or promoting staff in Hong Kong. In addition, having a good standard of English makes your working life far less stressful. Being able to write clear emails in English quickly can also save you lots of time and being able to speak fluently will help get your message across accurately. Perhaps the most important skill for career advancement is being able to give business presentations with confidence. Of course, social functions are so much enjoyable as well!

One of the best ways to improve your English is by practising the language. The adage "practice makes perfect" is very true! In Hong Kong, however, this is rather difficult as Cantonese is spoken in the vast majority of homes and also in the workplace. Outside schools and universities it is almost impossible to hear English being used for daily communication. The exception is at higher levels within multi-national corporations and organisations.

Good English is essential in this globalised world. The most efficient way to improve your English is with a private one to one native English tutor. But not all "native English tutors" are qualified or experienced so beware. At all our tutors are experienced, qualified native English tutors who will customise your English lessons to ensure that you are meeting your learning objectives.