Learning English Through Movies

One of the most enjoyable ways to learn the English language is through watching movies. There are new movies every week and many types to choose from.

Not only is the story interesting, but the actors speak naturally and use modern English phrases. Furthermore, you will be exposed to a variety of accents and colloquial phrases which you probably would not experience otherwise. What is more they speak at natural speed which is great for developing your listening skills.

For many, however, the latter point could be an obstacle both to understanding and enjoying the cinematic experience. In Hong Kong 99.9% of foreign films shown in the cinemas carry subtitles so it is very easy to stop listening to the English dialogue and to focus almost entirely on the Chinese translation - which doesn't help English learning at all.

Luckily there is an extremely wide selection of affordable movies on DVD available in Hong Kong and these can be an excellent tool for English learning.

The best way is to select a movie that you are familiar with. Perhaps its your favourite James Bond movie or a love story like "Titanic". Whatever you choose it should be something that you are familiar with and perhaps even know the story-line right through to the end. Maybe you have seen it lots of times before! In this way, though, you can concentrate on listening to the actors speech.

The great thing with DVD's is that you can turn off the Chinese subtitles and focus on listening only. Moreover, you may wish to turn ON the English subs-titles so that you can follow the dialogue that way.

Whichever method you choose remember to have your finger on the "Pause" button so that you can write down any new and useful vocabulary for use later on. You can also rewind the movie and repeat the portion of dialogue to more clearly understand the meaning.

A great way to develop your spoken English is to practice these new phrases with a native English tutor.