Learning English vocabulary

Words are the building blocks of the English language. They enable you to accurately communicate your ideas in English either in writing or orally. Many Chinese students find great difficulty in communicating in English because of a restricted range of vocabulary.

One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary is to read. Be careful that you select something interesting to read that you will be motivated to read after the first few pages. There are many English novels to enjoy or inspirational books (such as the "Don't sweat" series) that you can also learn from.

For lower level learners there are Graded Readers that have been edited to build up your vocabulary gradually. You can find them at any good book store - just do an internet search and you will find many titles.

Avoid reading newspapers all the time since this is usually "bad news" and not that motivating. However, if you are in a specific industry then reading an English trade magazine can help you perform better in your job as the words used will be specific for your particular workplace situation.

Try to read without resorting to a dictionary all the time.
If you do need to use a dictionary then do it - but not all the time as you will soon get tired or bored with this laborious process.

Be sure to keep a pocket-sized vocabulary book to record the new words. Then try to use the new words daily over a period of a week or so. Revise the words in two weeks time, in a month and 3 months later. Always keep the book with you and refer to it often.

Try to learn 10 new words every day. In that way you will have extended your English vocabulary by 3650 words!

Start improving your English today.