The Importance of Proof Reading your writing in Hong Kong

You may have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working on your new product, brochure or thesis. You have invested your time, effort and money to make sure it’s a success. The whole world will realize how professional you are and you will get the recognition (and perhaps profits) that you deserve.

If you are publishing any type of document, however, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure that your document is perfect and free of any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Your readers and potential customers will lose faith in your product, services or even your organisation. Your academic thesis may be returned for further correction and you might miss your vitally important graduation date.

Today’s modern computer programs make it easier for everyone to produce better documents. However, their spelling checkers are not 100 percent perfect and will overlook many common errors such as when you type “here” instead of “her” when you actually are referring to a lady. In addition, many systems allow you to accept and add a defective word to the custom dictionary so you may in-fact overlook a wrongly spelt word that you added by mistake. Furthermore, even brand name word processors are notorious for having imperfect grammar checking systems. Lastly, there are wide differences in grammatical use between American and British English, which can seriously affect your documents.

The other problem comes simply because you or your staff have spent so many hours working on a document looking at the same words over and over again. In these cases you are likely to overlook your own mistakes simply because you have read it so many times.

The best way to ensure that your work is print perfect is to employ the services of a professional native English editing company to proofread your document. It is important to find a professional company who can provide you with the highest quality service. A good company will employ various layers of quality control including multiple edits by different proofreaders as well as tracking of your document so that you can see the changes they have made. It is also important to consider confidentiality as some business documents can be of a sensitive nature – especially those of a financial nature.