How to Speak Better English

Communicating in English is an essential business tool these days. The global economy and international trade means that to succeed you need to be able to speak clear English with good pronunciation.

One of the main reasons students fail to improve their English is lack of practice. Whilst total immersion in a language (by spending considerable time living or studying there) is the best way, it is also ou of reach of most people.

"Practice makes perfect" does really work for learning English. It not only develops the language which you already know, but also gives you more confidence. Even then, some people just do not have anyone to practice with!

A private English tutor can really help here. And if you are looking to develop your English in a certain area then a course specifically designed around that area can help immensely.

What is so good about 1-1 tuition is that you get 100% of the teachers time, immediate feedback and instant correction of your mistakes.

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Pronunciation and Intonation Workshop