Tips for Better Written English

Reading, listening, speaking and writing: all four skills are needed for perfect communication.

But in today's electronic environment, writing is perhaps the most important. We have to handle more and more business emails and SMS's. Companies are even using MSN for corporate communication these days.

Unfortunately, your written English *has to be better* than your spoken English or your mistakes will stick out like a flying elephant.

With spoken English a few errors still allow you to get your message across and people are often less critical. There is no rewind button in normal conversation, so your listener cannot go back and check for errors.

With written English, however, the reader has more chance to notice your errors. They can pause over a phrase or sentence and re-read what you have written.

So how good is your grammar? Your spelling? Your tone? And your organization? All of these are needed to protect your image in the ever increasingly competitive business world. Like your physical appearance and dress, substandard writing may indicate bad work to your bosses and mean that you don't get the credit you deserve. Or even worse, you don't get that promotion.

The worst thing is that the higher you get the more critical people will become of your English standard. If you are a manager you have to cope with those bright new graduates with MBA's from overseas universities and perfect accents; when you get to director level you have to email your expatriate colleagues.

So start now! Take a look at the emails you wrote this morning and assess how good they really are. For that important email why not get it proofread by a professional native English editor? Find out more about
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