University Entrance Interview Tips

Summer is a busy time for exams and many will be eagerly awaiting their all important A-level results.

Many more will be hunting down a place at university. For the lucky few, an unconditional offer will have been given. These are few and far between though. Usually its a minimum set of grades to be achieved together with passing an university entrance interview.

Well, you may be sure of making the grade with your academic subjects but how about that all important interview? How are you going to outshine the other hopeful applicants? It's a long time until next year!

Good oral English is essential. As well as preparation before the interview. Firstly, find out the format of the interview. There are various types ranging from the traditional to more modern variants. If in doubt ask - preferably by telephone so they remember your name.

Traditional face to face interviews usually have two or three academic staff running the course you applied. These are perhaps the most daunting at first glance, but in reality they are not so bad. You do, however, need to prepare for the common questions. Do not be tempted to learn your answers off by heart though as this will appear too false and get you lower scores. Try to be natural and be yourself. And of course try to relax.

At the other end of the scale are group interviews with a round of discussions and mini-presentations, followed by minimum questioning by the academic staff afterwards. Only a short question and answer interview is done, as you will have been observed and assessed during your interaction with the other applicants. This is harder to prepare for, but is more realistic as it mimics the types of communication you will encounter during your course both with your professors and the other students.

Always ensure that you know everything possible about the university you are applying for and the course you are most interested in.

And remember the interview is a two way thing. It's for you to see if you really like the course or not; so don't be afraid to ask questions. But make sure the answers are not on the front page of the university website!

And remember to dress for the occasion. Don't overdo it but at least wear smart casual clothes. A tie for the boys won't hurt and something smart for the ladies. Of course I don't need to mention clean shoes. Remember also to turn your phone off during the whole time.

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