Executive Presentation Skills Coaching

Designed for Senior Executives and Managers to Give Powerful High Impact Messages With Confidence.

Course Code : EXEC PRES HK

Workshop Locations: Hong Kong, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Does a key staff member have to give important business presentations in English? Does one of your senior executives need to deliver a keynote presentation at an industry conference? Our training courses can help your staff give presentations with confidence.

Aims of this Course

The aim of this one to one training is to enable your key staff to effectively give powerful presentations with confidence and without fear. It will rapidly boost verbal, written and non-verbal communication skills for sales, strategy and crisis management in any media: face-to-face presentation or webinar/video conference.

Training Format

This is an intensive, customised one-to-one presentation skills training course. We start by analysing the trainee's immediate needs and current skill set. We then design a customised course in order for the trainee to give dynamic, effective, and clear presentations with confidence.

The trainer will give instant help, feedback, tips and guidance during the sessions. The course structure is fluid and will adapt to the trainee's changing needs as the course progresses.

Timing & Schedule

The course consists of weekly or bi-weekly training sessions over 4 to six weeks.

Intensive Executive Training

If your CEO or Senior Executive has an important upcoming speech or presentation to deliver we can also give short, intensive presentation training to prepare them for this difficult task.

Skilled, Native English Trainers

All our trainers are friendly, internationally qualified, experienced, native speakers. We will give help, instant feedback and guidance on how to present specifically for your industry e.g. banking, finance, accounting, law, investments, insurance, advertising, architecture, government etc,

Course Venue

We hold the presentations & public speaking seminars at your office..

Training Syllabus

Sample Areas Included in your Customised Syllabus:

  • Understanding the audience
  • Clear Public Speaking language
  • Projecting your voice
  • Body Language
  • Visual Aids
  • Planning your speech
  • Speech structure
  • The 3 P’s: Planning, Preparation & Practce
  • Strategies for effective openings
  • Powerful closing method
  • Attire
  • MS Power-Point Creation & Application
  • Reducing nervousness
  • Developing your own personal presentations style
  • Handling the Q&A section with ease
  • After Course Development

This course uses video feedback

Suitable for

The Presentation Skills Training Course is suitable for all levels of staff who need to give presentations as part of their job - including CEO's, CFOs, COOs,

After this course your staff will be able to:

Feel relaxed and confident when giving business presentations and be able to deliver powerful public speeches effectively.


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