Corporate Executive Media Coaching Courses Hong Kong


Designed for CEO's, Key Senior Executives and Managers to

Give Powerful High Impact Messages With Confidence.

Does your key staff member need to:

  • Give a vitally important presentation at an internal company meeting?
  • Deliver a public speech at an industry conference in front of a large audience?
  • Give a presentation via webinar or video-conference?

These are situations where your staff’s presentation & media skills abilities can make or break the success of the event and your performance.


This advanced coaching focuses on a specific presentation, or series of presentations, which you need to give in the near future.

Media, Teleconference & Presentation Skills Training

This is intensive, customised one-to-one presentation skills coaching. You already have some presentation skills. Our trainers will help you develop these skills as well as rapidly improve on the areas where your staff member needs most attention in order for them to give dynamic, effective, and clear presentations with confidence.

The trainer will coach your staff with feedback, tips and guidance to make their presentations a success. The training structure is totally fluid and will adapt to the trainee's ever changing needs.

Timing & Schedule

We are totally flexible with the total length of the training and scheduling. Minimum is 2 hours. Email Us for more information and a quote

Skilled, Native English Trainers

All our trainers are friendly, internationally qualified, experienced, native speakers. We will give help, instant feedback and guidance on how to present specifically for your industry e.g. banking, finance, accounting, law, investments, insurance, advertising, architecture, government etc,

Coaching Venue

The training held at your office.

Previous clients have used our expert coaching to prepare for:

  • A keynote speech at an international company conference overseas
  • A video webinar to the Headquarters Board of Directors
  • A TV interview

We offer
  • Highly Skilled Native English Trainers
  • Flexible Time Schedules
  • Add on training sessions
  • Effective media

Contact Us Now

Email us and find out how we can help you succeed with our customised programmes.

After this coaching your key staff member will be able to:

Feel confident when giving media interviews


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