Corporate Presentation Skills Workshop Hong Kong

Designed for Key Staff Members, Senior Executives and Managers to Give Powerful High Impact Messages With Confidence.

Aims of this course
This course will teach participants how to give effective business presentations. We will improve your staffs’ English presentation skills: verbal, non-verbal and written (including Power Point layout and presentation script organisation).

The ability of your staff to give effective presentations affects not only company communications but also your profits. The most successful businesses have staff who are effective public speakers.

Training Methods
This is a Small Group Presentation Skills Program customised to your company's training needs. Most employees have some presentation skills already varying ability. We will analyse your staff's public speaking skills and presenting experience to discover their strengths and weaknesses. We then design a course syllabus customised to improve on the areas where your staff need most improvement dynamic, effective, and clear presentations with confidence.

Experienced Native English Presentation Skills Trainers
Our Business Skills trainers have years of experience in presentation skills training and will customise our courses to your company's exact training needs. Most have worked in business and are skilled presenters.

We use video feedback and your staff will be encouraged to develop their own presentations style.

Training Materials
The course uses professional customised presentations training materials as well as text books and video resources.

Course Schedule
We offer a flexible schedule to fit in with your needs
• 4 x 2 Hour sessions over 5 weeks course
• intensive one day (8 hours) seminar
• 2 x half day (4hours) workshop style

Course Venue
The presentations training course is held at your office. Email Us now for more information & a Quotation

Presentation Skills Workshop Syllabus
• Understanding your audience and their needs
• Using the correct phrases
• Proper use of voice and the importance of speech
• Non verbal communication (Body Language, Eye Contact)
• Effectively and efficiently planning presentations
• Presentations structure and organisation of key points
• Importance of rehearsal and methods for maximum success
• Effective and powerful openings
• Closing for maximum effect
• Proper use of audio-visual aids
• Handling nerves and reducing fear of public speaking
Dealing with questions and difficult people

This course uses video feedback and we will pass the video files to you at the end of the course.

*Note: the actual modules taught will be based on your company's training needs.

Suitable For
The Presentation Skills Training Course is suitable for all levels of staff who need to give presentations as part of their job - including CEO's, CFOs, COOs, General Managers, and Vice Presidents as well as other managerial staff such as investment analysts and financial services executives, investment bankers and insurance professionals, systems analysts, IT directors, information technology managers, telecommunications and internet service provider managers, environmental protection service managers, lawyers and legal services professionals, logistics and transport managers, architects and designers,infrastructure & real estate staff, brand strategists, marketing, public relations and advertising executives, project managers and hospitality managers. It is also useful for those involved in IPO and IPO road show presentations.

After this course your staff will be able to
Feel relaxed and confident when giving business presentations and be able to deliver powerful public speeches effectively.

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