Corporate English Pronunciation & Intonation Course Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Course Code : PR-GP-HK
Designed to enable your key staff members to communicate clearly in English with clear pronunciation.

Being able to speak English fluently is essential in Hong Kong's multi-cultural business environment. Companies with staff members of different nationalities need to communicate in English internally as well as with overseas HQ.

Clear and Correct Pronunciation is essential to enable efficient internal and external communication.

Aims of this course

The aim of this course is to improve your staff’s pronunciation, intonation and accent. They will learn how to speak English fluently, correctly and concisely in both social and work situations. The course will also develop your staffs’ English grammar skills as well as extending their vocabulary.

Teaching Methods

This is a Small Group course customised to your organisation’s training objectives. Since employees have differing English proficiency we start off by analysing their spoken English skills and English grammar. We then design a customised syllabus to move forward with pronunciation, intonation and accent skills enhancement of your staff.

Native English Pronunciation Trainers

Our trainers are friendly, internationally qualified, experienced, native speakers. The trainer will give help, instant feedback and guidance focusing on your staffs’ actual spoken English communication needs their work situation with industry specific vocabulary, phrases and common expressions e.g. for banking, accounting, law, finance & investment, insurance, advertising, architecture etc.

Course Suitable For

The course is suitable for local Hong Kong and mainland Chinese citizens as well as other foreign nationals that have been relocated or seconded to your Hong Kong office.

Pronunciation Class Materials

The course uses professional customised training materials as well as text books and video resources designed to help you improve your staff improve their pronunciation quickly and effectively.

Timing & Schedule

The course consists of weekly course or bi-weekly 2-hour training workshop over six weeks for a total of 12 hours.

Intensive Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Training

If your Corporate Management (CEO or Senior Executive etc) has an important upcoming speech or presentation to deliver we can also give short, intensive presentation training to prepare them for this difficult task.

Training Venue

The Pronunciation and Intonation Workshop Course is held in-house at your office.

English Pronunciation Course Syllabus

• In-Depth Pronunciation Testing and analysis
• Pronunciation Techniques: how to properly use your jaw, mouth and tongue
• International Phonetic alphabet (IPA)
• Specific focus on staff members’ key pronunciation problems
• Correct articulation & Rhythm
• Intonation
• Accent reduction for clear speech
• Stress Patterns at word and sentence level
• Combining words clearly

Practice Areas

• Conversation Questions and Phrases
• Correct Pronunciation of vocabulary for your line of business or industry
• Being Polite
• Using 'natural' English
• Social English
• Using English persuasively for results
• Tongue Twisters

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