Negotiation Skills Training Course Hong Kong

Small Group - Also China & Asia Pacific

Designed to enable your staff to conduct negotiations in English effectively with confidence.

Course Code : NG101 HK AS

In this tough business climate it is essential for your staff to be able to negotiate effectively. The most successful people in business and government today are all powerful and effective negotiators.

Negotiation Skills Course Aims

The aim of this Negotiations Workshop is to enable participants to conduct effective negotiations - either for business development or sales, The course covers the whole communication process from the planning stage to successful closure. The course teaches the specialised English language phrases for successful negotiations and practical soft skills such as body language. It also deals with the psychological aspects of negotiations such as understanding personal strengths and weaknesses. The course is practice based and focuses on the effective use of communication tools: verbal, written and visual.

Training Methods

This is a small group negotiation skills training workshop customised to your actual training needs. It is a very practical and interactive course with theory input and extensive negotiating practice

We commence by analysing your staffs’ current negotiation skill set and negotiating experience. We then design a customised syllabus to develop their strengths and improve areas of weakness.

Experienced Native English Trainers

Our trainers have years of experience in negotiations training. They are highly flexible and able to adapt their teaching to the needs of the individual participants or group on an ongoing basis.

The trainer will give help, feedback, tips and guidance in all skill areas and trainees will be encouraged to develop their own negotiations style for effective sales negotiations, sourcing negotiations or executive level negotiations for business development, investment financing, IPO's and M&A's (Mergers and Acquisitions), etc.

Negotiations Course Materials

The course uses professional customised negotiations training materials as well as text books and video resources.

We offer a flexible schedule to fit in with your needs
  • 5 x 90 minute sessions over 5 weeks course
  • intensive one day (8 hours) workshop
  • 2 x half day (4hours) seminar

The Negotiation Skills Workshop is conveniently held “in-house” at your office. Email Us now for more information & a Quotation

Negotiation Skills Workshop Syllabus

• Setting Objectives
• Understanding the other side
• Arranging meetings
• Negotiations language & proper use of voice/intonation
• Projecting yourself visually & non verbal communication
• Making Proposals
• Clarifying information
• Resolving differences & settling matters
• Finalising agreements
• Closing for maximum effect

The Negotiation Skills Training Course is suitable for

all levels of staff who need to handle negotiations as part of their job - including CEO's, CFOs, COOs, General Managers, and Vice Presidents as well as other managerial staff such as investment analysts and financial services executives, investment bankers and insurance professionals, systems analysts, IT directors, information technology managers, telecommunications and internet service provider managers, environmental protection service managers, lawyers and legal services professionals, logistics and transport managers, architects and designers,infrastructure & real estate staff, brand strategists, marketing, public relations and advertising executives, sourcing and product development professionals, project managers and hospitality managers. It is also useful for those involved in IPO and IPO road show negotiations.

After this course participants will be able to

Feel relaxed and confident when negotiating and be able to obtain positive outcomes.

Workshop Locations:

Hong Kong, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand


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