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Learn How To Write Professional Business Documents That Get Results & Give A Positive Impression for Your Organisation

Course Code : BW-Corp HK (Hong Kong)

These days busy managers and Executives spend a large amount of time writing business documents. This practice based workshop is designed to teach them how to write efficiently and effectively. Improving your staff’s Business Writing will increase both your company’s efficiency and image to the world.


We focus on the 5 C’s of writing:

  • Clear - Easily understandable
  • Concise - Using Plain English and reducing word count
  • Correct - Proper use of vocabulary, punctuation and grammar
  • Courteous - Using the correct tone and appropriate style
  • Coherent - Effective & Logical Organisation

Training Methods

We start by asking you for information about the background of your staff, their roles in your company and the types of documents they write. Later on we will carry out pre-course testing to analyse individual staff member’s English proficiency and their difficulties. With this information we can then design our course around your training needs.

Native English Trainers

All our Business Skills Trainers are friendly, internationally qualified, experienced, native speakers. They have years of experience in Corporate Training and have worked in business themselves so understand the difficulties your staff have.

English Writing Course Materials

The Business English Course (Code BEW-10HK) course uses our professional customised teaching materials supplemented by text books .

Training Venue

The course is held at your office equipped with a whiteboard and projector.

Business Writing Course Topics


  • Common problems with Business writing in Hong Kong
  • Format and Layout of Business English documents
  • Common Grammar Mistakes and how to avoid them

Business Writing Style

  • Understanding your readers
  • Formal and Informal Writing Tone
  • What is Plain English and how it helps your written communication
  • Avoiding Cliches and Jargon
  • Shortening Sentences and Paragraphs
  • Using Bullet Points for clarity of meaning

Writing Correctly

  • Common Grammar Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
  • Errors Specific to Hong Kong: Tenses, Prepositions, Articles
  • Understanding Your Mistakes
  • Proofreading Effectively

Types of Documents

  • Informational Letters
  • Written Replies to Customer Enquiries
  • Sales Promotion Leaflets
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Negotiating: Quotations & Proposals
  • Internal Memos
  • Customer Service & Follow Up Letters
  • Handling Complaint Letters
  • Emails - Internal and External
  • Social Media Content (FaceBook, Google+, Twitter)

Course Schedule

The course may be taken as
  • Four training sessions of 2 hours
  • A One Day or Two Half-Days Workshop

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