English Writing Services Hong Kong

Hong Kong English offers a multitude of editorial services for local Hong Kong companies, multi-national corporations, universities and NGO’s.

Our professional writing team includes native English speaking internationally published journalists and we also write for public relations agencies. We can usually track down a subject specialist, too for more complex writing projects (e.g. Aviation English and Public Relations).


  • Press releases
  • Case studies
  • Business Presentations
  • Public Speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Surveys designed to attract media attention
  • Product reviews and launches
  • Product & Service Brochures
  • Timed features
  • Ghost written articles
  • Brochures
  • Business reports
  • Manuals, marketing
  • Customer service letters
  • Sales letters
  • Advertising copy

Why not drop us a line for a free no obligation quote? One of our team will get back to you to arrange a conference call with our head of writing services. Simply give us a brief of your requirements and our experienced writers will do the follow-up, research and interviews to create a high quality customised article for you.

English Editing

We also handle advanced editing of your documents, including half completed works in preparation for publication. Our specialist professional editors can handle any type of business document including economics, international trade, banking, finance and global marketing materials.

We also offer an efficient proofreading service with rapid turnaround times to ensure that your documents (and your corporate image) are perfect every time.

English Copywriting

Is trade with English speaking countries important for the profitability of your company? We can ensure you make the greatest impact with clever and correct copy every time.

From brochures to flyers, we can make the most of your advertising dollar.

We will work closely with you right from the start to ensure that you have copy that is crisp, clear and effective.

English Ghost Writing

If you have an idea for a newsletter, article or book but have no time to complete it yourself, then we can help. We do most of the writing and you get the credit!

Simply give us the background of what you want and we will do the rest while working closely with you to ensure your writing objectives are met. Our professional writers have been published in major international magazines, newspapers, financial and specialise trade publications.

Social Media Website Content and Search Engine Keyword Optimisation

We can handle your time consuming and difficult Social Media posts on FaceBook and Google+.

We handle commissions for high quality website page content professionally written by internet journalists with expert knowledge in search engine optimisation (SEO) to attract thousands of visitors to your site and enhance your internet exposure. These days over 90% of website visits come via the top three search engines. We have years of experience in optimizing website content to ensure that you get this traffic!


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