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  • Do you have a publishing deadline?
  • An important document for publication?
  • An academic thesis?
  • A business proposal?
  • A critical business presentation or speech?
  • An important client report?
  • An impossible copywriting deadline?

These days getting your message across clearly and correctly is more important than ever. You always aim for the highest standards of professionally in your business but is the quality of your written communications up to the same standard?

Whether it is a newsletter, a press release, printed materials, or an advertisement We can correct your English for you! All work is supervised and checked by our experienced, senior editors with years of experience.

Native English Editors

Our experienced professionals will efficiently process all your English editing, proofreading, correction and copywriting.

We always ensure a quick turnaround - saving you time and money.

HK English.com's expert editorial team provide editing, copywriting, proofreading and correction services of all types of documents. We can also provide contract writers, journalists, specialized technical writers and copywriters for your project.

We offer a superior service with several layers of quality control. Our editors include professional journalists who have their work published in national newspapers and international magazines. Our clients include major local and international corporations, financial institutions and banks.

We also have ex-university professors on our staff who are very experienced in editing and proof reading research papers, dissertations and academic documents. Our clients include all the major HK universities as well as overseas.

Rapid Results

Our premium service guarantees return of your documents on the same business day. Nearly all our jobs are completed within 24 hours. We are based in Hong Kong so you can be sure of efficient turnaround.

HK English Editing Services

After consulting with you to find your objectives, our expert editors will first proofread the document for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. We then proceed to analyse and correct the document at sentence / paragraph level to ensure clarity of meaning.

English Proofreading

Documents, presentations, reports and speeches reviewed and corrected professionally, quickly and efficiently by professional native English proof readers.

To ensure your document is of impeccable quality we will check and correct your document for:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Readability
  • Consistent word usage
  • Capitalisation
We can check and correct your brochures, business plans, business reports, manuals, marketing, customer letters, sales letters, advertising copy, press releases, business presentations, cover letter, resumes and cv's, academic papers, thesis, research papers, and academic essays.

Business English Documents

Brochures, menus, prospectuses, business presentations, technical papers, client reports, advertising copy proofread and delivered to your door. No job is too small! We can also provide contract editors and proofreaders for your specific project at very reasonable rates.

We also handle editing and proof reading of film subtitles for the Hong Kong movie and advertising industries.

  • Company documents, reports and letters
  • Advertising copy and press releases
  • Public relations documents
  • Menus, leaflets, flyers, newsletters
  • Hotel brochures and in-room guides
  • Technical papers and civil engineering proposals / plans
  • Websites, web pages, xml web feeds
  • Client reports, auditing reports, proposals
  • Books, fiction, non-fiction, biographies
  • Personal correspondence and letters
  • Business presentations and public speeches
  • Research proposals and research plans
  • Grant proposals & reports
  • Course documents
  • Health care, medical and pharmaceutical writing
Remember that all documents are checked before release to you by our senior editor, who has over twenty years in the business. We edit and proof read all types of documents for individuals, companies, governmental organisations and universities.
We use MS Word tracking so you can see the changes and guarantee turnaround for most documents under 10,000 words within 2-3 days or less.

Free Quote

We can give you a free instant proof reading quotation by return email.

Simply email your document to us for a free quotation.

Please remember to attach your document and include your contact telephone number!

Don't miss a deadline again or scream when you find that fatal, expensive grammar mistake!

We have a range of payment options and accept company/university cheques, direct deposit into our bank account and online credit card payments for international clients.

Invest in your staff - Contact Us Today for A Quotation or Call our Hotline 2916 8887

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