How to proofread and edit an English essay or article


It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are or how proficient you are in the English language, there are likely to be a few errors in essay or article that you write. We all know that we should edit our work, but doing it as you go is something that is extremely time consuming and tedious. The reality is that the mistakes you make may not immediately become apparent, which is why many people let their words stew a little before going back to read the finished piece. Even then, there are still times when mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more will slip through the cracks. This is why a professional English proofreading service is a great idea, especially if what you are working on is of real importance.

When proofreading and editing a piece, you should read through the whole thing first before making any changes. The first thing you are looking for is to see how the whole article flows and fits together. What may have seemed right in your head when you were creating the piece can end up coming off all wrong when it makes its way onto the paper. Once you have read through the articles, print of a hard copy and get the red pen out for editing purposes.

Go over the paper one more time and start making marks where obvious mistakes have been made. The most blatant ones, and there will be some of that variety, will immediately jump of the page and hit you in the face. You will most likely notice egregious spelling errors and poor sentence structure first, as those tend to be the things that really stand out the most. Don’t try to dig too deep the first time around, choosing instead to focus on the glaring errors.

Once that is all corrected, give your piece the one over again, this time looking for issues with punctuation and grammar. These can be a whole lot tougher to spot, especially if you are not someone that reads or writes on a regular basis. You are probably saying at this point that your word processor can take care of all these issues, but you would actually be surprised at just how much is missed when you go that route. For example, misspelled words may remain intact if the word in question is a real word that somehow fits within the sentence.

Too many people have got in the habit of believing that their trusty old computer will bail them out at every turn, but when it comes to grammar, nothing is more trustworthy than a human with a strong grasp of the English language. When you turn your article or paper over to a professional English proofreading service, you can be sure that all of the changes made are done so to improve your words and their meaning. Seeing those corrected properly may prevent you from making the same mistakes the next time you write.

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