IELTS Writing Paper – Tips for a high score

IELTS writing exam course HongKong

Hong Kong students find the writing section of the IELTS examination most difficult. With a low mark in the Writing test they find it hard to get a high overall score even though they may get high scores in Listening and Reading papers.

IELTS Writing Paper

Writing Task 1

Read the whole paper and make sure that you comprehend the content. You can paraphrase the paper and take mental notes of the most important parts.
Don’t just reshuffle words and replace terms with their synonyms. The paraphrased output must be totally different and yet the full meaning must be intact.

Write down a couple of statements that contains all the data. The sentences may be added towards the end or perhaps at the very start. Do not use pointers, instead group the data. When you write these statements use only real data.

Add similarities and differences, lows and highs. Other comparisons may be added as well for as long as they are relevant to the topic of discussion.

Data must be described and not explained from a personal perspective. Never present data in terms of your own opinion about how the information came about.

An output that is less than 150 words will incur a penalty.

Writing Task 2

There are two parts that comprise most of the questions—a general statement and a specific statement. The general question may be left out but the specific question has to be answered.

When formulating your answer, write an introduction of 50 words. The body must be 170 words long, and the conclusion must be at least 40 words.

Don’t just use simple sentences, but rather employ complex sentences featuring dependent clause and subordinate clauses. The examiners give high points for these. Make sure to formulate sentences very well and to link them appropriately when forming paragraphs. Don’t rely on conjunctions. As a matter of fact, don’t use them. Don’t repeat the subject but rather use synonyms or pronouns.

Don’t bother copying the question because you don’t get extra points for doing so.

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