How To Write a Job Application Cover Letter


When you are applying for a position with any company, it is important to understand that your application and resume are a reflection of your work history, qualifications and skills. With so many applications that The average HR professional or recruiter have to look at, what most often makes the difference between getting the interview and simply having your application discarded is a quality cover letter.

Writing a good cover letter requires just following a few simple steps to make a lasting impression that will get the results you need.

Formatting your Cover Letter

Formatting is extremely important as you do not your letter to look unprofessional. You want this document to be readable and attention grabbing at the same time. Therefore you should:

  • give it a good heading
  • a clear opening sentence
  • be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address

Tip: Finding a great template can help with the layout that best fits your needs

Focused Job & Career Specific Content

However, the formatting is not nearly as important as the content of your letter.

The cover letter should read like a mission statement about you. Keep to the point and be brief. Although listing your skills or qualifications may seem important, this is the only opportunity you have to bring your personality forth before any formal interview. So, leave listing your skills to the resume.

Instead, give the reader a concise introduction that is focused on the specific position that you are applying for. Write a sentence about your work experience and another one about your education. Also, state what you can to bring to the company and why you are the perfect fit for the position. This will make your cover letter more likely to capture the reader’s attention.

Furthermore, be sure to thank them for the opportunity to apply for the position and end with a proper conclusion, such as the following:

Thank you for your time and consideration for the _____ position. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Georgie Smith

Follow these steps and your potential employer will get a better understanding about who you are besides just your qualifications and name. The better your job application cover letter, the better your employment opportunities become.


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