Top Tips for the IELTS Reading Test 備試課程 HK

Getting a good score in the reading test is not as difficult as you may think. It is very important to practice and there are some great books out there for this (The Cambridge University IELTS Practice Papers are excellent).

However, in order to ensure you get a high score and therefore a good overall score (6.5, 7 , 8 or above) then you need to know how the reading test is organised.

The reading articles on the Academic Module are of a scientific nature but you do not require any specialist knowledge to understand them. They are from magazines such as “Time” or “Science”, etc, and intended for a general audience. Each article is about 900 to 1000 words long so you will not have time to read every word - or intact every sentence.

The IELTS reading exam will test your skills in various areas: skimming, scanning, understanding inferred deep meaning and so on. Follow the tips below to make sure you succeed in the reading exam!


IELTS Reading Tips

Read the instructions and then the questions. Now, read all the titles and sub-headings.

Proceed to the first sentence of every paragraph, to get an idea on the topic. If you are not able to identify the topic, read the last sentence of the paragraph.

Now, determine the synonyms and antonyms of the key words (the word that is repeated often) in the topic sentence.

Check your answers and see if they’re correct grammatically.

Complete the answers within the allowed time limit and never leave any question unanswered.


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