Top Tips for the IELTS Speaking Test 備試課程 HK

Follow these tips from our IELTS examiner tutors and get the score you need to enter university or college.

It is really very difficult for HK students to get an overall grade 7 or 7.5. Most students in Hong Kong are fine with the Listening & Reading Sections. But when it comes to the speaking test then most get a lower grade than they need.

The secret of a high speaking test score is to know how the test is structured and understand what is needed. Of course practice is essential & the only way you can do this properly is by taking an IELTS preparation course with a native English teacher.

However in order to get an overall test grade of 7 or 8 then the best way is by taking classes with’s expert teachers!


IELTS Speaking Tips

Remember, every question raised by the examiner is an open invitation for you to speak. Of course, these questions can be answered with yes or no. But, you must give them enough time to determine your language skills. For this, you answers should be detailed. After all, you will not be penalized for talking more but there are chances of underscoring if you talk less!

The aim of the examiner is to determine your language skills and his questions are targeted accordingly. Listen to his question carefully and determine the language style and grammar used. Use the same language or grammar in your reply, since that’s what they want to hear from you.

Prepare well. Part 1 & 2 will revolve around you – your opinion, experience and personal knowledge. So think about your likes, dislikes, preferences and other details like where you reside, places visited, people known to you, etc.

Remember: Accuracy is just one aspect of the checklist examiners have. So don’t lose time and marks trying to get things accurate. If you don’t know an answer right away, just start with your reply … whatever you can think of. If you think it is wrong, you can paraphrase it later. This is noted by examiners.

As for Part 3, answer questions in a professional manner and clarify any doubts you might have. Give your opinion from a more general perspective rather than in personal terms.

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