Top Tips for the IELTS Writing Paper - Task1 Test 備試課程 HK

The IELTS writing paper task 1 exam tests your ability to describe what is shown in a chart, graph or to describe a process. It is difficult for HK students to beta high grade in this part of the test for several reasons. Firstly, poor grammar is an issue for most students that have gone through the Hong Kong Secondary School system. Organisation of information and selecting what to talk about is another issue as quite often there is so much information depicted that it is impossible to write about it in the time allowed. Being able to use a wide range of vocabulary is also important but again many HK students often use vocabulary wrongly.

The best way to prepare for this difficult part of the test and to ensure you get a good overall score (7, 7.5 or higher) then you must take lessons with an IELTS expert tutor.


IELTS Writing Paper Task 1 Tips - Report

Read through the paper and understand the content thoroughly. Begin with paraphrasing the entire content and just parts of it.

You must never try to shuffle the words or just replace a few synonyms, since it will never be counted. The paraphrased content should be completely different from the original one, yet the meaning should remain intact.

Come up with two statements, which will include all the data. You could add these statements when start answering, or towards the end of the answer. Use real data and figures to support your statements. Always group your data and don’t use pointers.

Also, the report should include lows, highs, differences, similarities and other relevant comparisons.

Never “explain” the data, or put in your opinions as to why a certain thing happened, instead just describe it.

Write a minimum of 150 words. Less than this and you will be penalised.


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