Top Tips for the IELTS Writing Paper Task 2 Test HK

Task 2 of the writing test is perhaps the most difficult of all the papers in the IELTS exam. The format is an argumentative essay of a minimum of 250 words. It is essential to have excellent English skills for a good score and getting a grade 6.5, 7 or 7.5 is extremely hard for most Hong Kong students.

It is essential to study well for this part of the test and the best way is by taking a preparation course with an experienced tutor. Books help but they cannot give you the feedback on your writing that you need to improve.’s IELTS experts can help you prepare for the test and get the score you deserve in a short time. A variety of skills are tested including grammar, vocabulary, cohesion, use of complex sentence structures and organisation.


Tips for the IELTS Writing Paper Task 2 - Essay

Read every question carefully and analyze it well, before you try to answer it.

Most questions have two parts: a specific aspect and a general statement. You must answer the specific question and leave out the general statement.

All your answers should be in paragraphs. If your answer has 3 – 4 paragraphs, you are doing a good job! Give 50 words as introduction, about 170 words as body and about 30 – 40 words as conclusion. This is a rough guide only and not hard and fast rules for your replies.

Use different types of sentences in your answers and don’t stick to simple sentences alone. Complex sentences (with subordinate / dependant clause) are considered ideal.

All the sentences should be framed well and the paragraph should be linked well. The paragraphs should not be flexible to be moved around and conjunctions should never be overused. Also, don’t repeat your subjects and instead, subtitle them with pronouns or synonyms.

Don’t copy the question as it will not be counted.

Write a minimum of 250 words - less than this and you will lose marks

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