Hong Kong Job Interview Course Case Study

Do you want to be successful in your next job interview? HKEnglish.com’s professional career trainers can help you perform effectively to secure the position that you desire. Get prepared for one of the most challenging t procedures senior management have to undergoe in their careers.

Read the following real life case study to discover how and why.


Positive Outcomes after Professional Interview Skills Training


A Chinese Principal Lecturer in a Hong Kong educational institution for over ten years was applying for the Head of Department position for the entire organisation - covering ten campuses on HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The position was advertised openly in the international press as well as locally in Hong Kong so there was fierce competition - even within her own department.

Methods :

HKEnglish.com used interactive personal coaching to bring the candidate up to standard in multiple areas: Analysing strengths and weaknesses for the position, understanding how to turn any weaknesses into positive attributes, how to use the English language correctly with clear pronunciation, as well as Visual Appeal, Body Language. HKEnglish used a very practical based approach to this challenging and important life event. They used intensive training, video recording and feedback for all stages of the interview process.


The client was successfully appointed and is now very happy in her new job.

Client Feedback:

"The process of going through my experience and CV have helped in the thinking process before the interview. It was very important to me as I needed to be interviewed in English, which is my second language. Going through my accumulated work experience in the guided material provided by HKEnglish.com helped me to better prepare for the interview, especially in talking about the past. I was more organized and able to present myself fluently. I have got the job.” Ms LL - Hong Kong (Full name withheld by request from the client).

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