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Giving Business Presentations and Public Speeches is usually something that is thrust upon people. It can be an extremely challenging event. After all it is just like being an actor on stage but with your bosses and colleagues in the audience rather than strangers.

Most business people don’t have training in giving presentations; Its just something that they are expected to do. But would you drive a car without being trained? Or fly an aeroplane? HKEnglish.com runs one to one presentation skills training courses in Hong Kong. They have successfully trained hundreds of clients and enabled them to give effective presentations with confidence. Read the Case Study below and find out how it helped one particular client read their target.

Success Story


A senior executive member of a Hong Kong Organisation had to deliver a very important keynote presentation in English at an international conference to their colleagues and peers. English was her second language.

Methods :

HKEnglish.com used interactive one on one personal coaching to train this executive effective business presentation skills. The client brought in their draft presentation and the trainer worked with them to refine the content and organisation for maximum clarity and impact. The client was taught how to use functional English presentations language and signposts within their public speech in order for the audience to be able to follow the meaning more easily. In addition, HKEnglish stressed the importance of using Plain English: simple words and phrases rather than complicated, difficult to understand versions. Lastly, body language and gestures were taught. HKEnglish uses a very practical based approach to this specialised training. They use video recording and feedback so that the client can understand and refine their performance.


The client successfully delivered her presentation and gained praise from her colleagues.
Client Feedback: "This course has been very useful for me to get ready for this important public speech.  Planning, preparation and organisation of my presentation materials and some very important techniques in presentation were taught.  There were multiple practice presentations with video recording and the tutor corrected me and gave advice for further improvement.  I have built up confidence in the presentation process. In fact after the actual presentation, a senior colleague in my organisation came up to me and commented that he did not know I am such a powerful presenter."

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