How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile and Land Your Dream Job

LinkedIn is on its way to having two hundred million users across two hundred countries. Many businesses are now using LinkedIn for marketing and building brand awareness, but its core function remains that of building networks. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for job hunting, and with a little knowledge it can guide you to land your dream job. Search engines love LinkedIn, and having a well written profile can spread your name, skills and experience far and wide.

The following tips will guide you to create a killer LinkedIn profile.

1) Your profile is your online resume.

Your profile on social media sites like Facebook consists of photographs, profile data and your comments and updates. People visiting your profile build up a picture of you from these various bits of information. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be far more professional, and should be written in the style of a resume. There’s scope to be creative and original, but your LinkedIn profile should focus on who you are, what you do and your experience and expertise. Visitors may only scan your profile briefly, and you need the content to grab their attention so that they read on.

2) Appropriate keywords.

Your LinkedIn profile should be geared towards the type of words you want people to find you from in searches. Your current job title may not mean much to other people, so it’s important to explain things using relevant keywords. Think about search terms which recruiters and companies might use to find someone in your specific profession or area of expertise.

3) Appropriate photograph

A picture of you cycling with your family may be a great profile picture for Facebook, but it’s probably not the image you want to present on LinkedIn. A tightly-framed headshot with a warm smile is the perfect profile picture for LinkedIn. Whatever profession you’re in, you should be smartly dressed and well groomed. It may be worth having a photograph taken professionally to ensure that you look your very best.

4) Write a killer summary.

If your photograph and title are enough to hold a visitor’s attention, your LinkedIn summary is the perfect place to sell yourself. It’s a balance between appearing modest and objective, but impressing the reader enough that they want to contact you or connect with you. Start with a brief introduction about what you currently do, and go on to explain what you have to offer to a prospective employer. The writing style should be concise and informative. Once you have got your key messages across you can add a more personal paragraph informing the reader about your hobbies and interests outside work. As with a resume, this last section should be appropriate to your professional image.

5) Add some social proof.

People love to read personal recommendations and testimonials, and LinkedIn now has functionality to support this. Once you have added some skills and expertise, ask colleagues and friends to endorse you for them. A great way to increase your number of endorsements is to endorse other people. They will generally reciprocate, and this is a very powerful way of building an impressive LinkedIn profile.

These five simple steps will greatly increase the chances of prospective employers finding you and approaching you to discuss opportunities.

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