How to pass the TEOFL iBT Exam

The English language is probably the most essential second language for anyone to learn if they are not native speakers. In this article we are going to give you some great tips on how you can pass the test without any problems.
1. Find a mentor
This might seem like a waste of your time because there are plenty of internet resources to help you learn more English, but the truth is that the best way to prepare for any kind of test is to get help from an experienced native teacher who has vast knowledge on the subject. Taking a course to prepare yourself for the test is a great investment in your career.
2. Take plenty of practice tests
There are many TOEFL oriented practice tests that you can take in order to be ready when the time comes to take the actual TOEFL. Make sure you get as many variations of it as you can I order to be prepared for any kind of questions. You can also find practice tests online. In this way you will not only learn the format of the exam but also be able to improve your time management skills.
3. Be ready for a very long and exhausting test
Don’t go to your TOEFL exam without proper sleep and a good meal on your stomach. This test can take up to 4 hours that you will spend in front of a computer. You really don’t want to be doing this on an empty stomach and with a headache from playing video games too long last night. Make sure you get plenty of rest and avoid any partying before your test.
4. Do not leave any questions unanswered
Even if you are not sure of a question you should decide on an answer that seems to be the most probably to you. If you leave unanswered questions this might miss some chances of getting them right. Try your best to analyse the question that you are having problems with, but do not leave it blank.
5. Work on all of the 4 skills
Reading, listening, writing and speaking are all important for this test. Make sure you are going to be at your best on all four of them before you take your test.
6. Apply early and have a safety net
Apply for the test early to avoid missing your deadline. Also consider booking a second test in case you don’t get the score you want the first time around. In this way you have a backup plan to make sure you get into college, school or University in the current academic intake and don’t have to wait another year.

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