How To Write A Business Report

How to Write A Technical Business Investment Report - Video Lesson

Business investment reports assist the reader to learn more about a variety of business plans, the goals of a business as well as business growth strategies. Business reports can either be internal such as within a business or they can be external such as those written for clients. The most important thing to remember is to use correct organization and formatting when drafting a technical report such as this.

Use A Standard Format

There are a variety of writing formats that are geared towards business investment reports in which anyone reading it can easily comprehend. These standard formats will also help you in reducing your preparation times since you will find that you are more organized. Most companies have standard formats that they expect their analysts to follow so you should strictly adhere to these.

Logical Organization

Writing business reports involves using logical steps which explain the information as well as related data regarding business issues. The title is the first page of the report and should include the name of the business report as well as the writer’s name and the date.

Purpose Statement

While this is optional, you can also add why the report is being written so that whoever reads the report will be able to fully understand what problems are being discussed or what options are being offered.

Contents Page

The letter of transmittal is the page that is used to announce the release of the business report. In addition, this page also tells the reader the background. The content page is the part of the business report that has the table of content of the main titles that you will be mentioning in the report. This is the place where you will also list your subheadings if you are including them in your report. Be sure that you include the page numbers which relate to the main tiles and subheadings. Page numbers are usually written an inch from the bottom of the page.

Illustrations, Tables and Graphs

If you are including visual or graphical data then you should include a “list of illustrations” page is where you will mention what illustrations are included in your report. If you have figures instead of illustrations, you should title it “list of figures” instead. Also if you are using tables instead you will title this page accordingly.

Executive Summary

The executive summary will provide your readers with a background of what your business report will entail. This is helpful for your readers who do not have time to read the entire report. It will sum up the report for them in a single page. You should include the methodology for your research to let your readers know how you came up with your findings, recommendations and conclusion.

Body Sections

Once again logical organization is the key to a successful business report. The body of the report is the heart of the business information. It should have an introduction, main body and conclusion. Each of these sections should have headings and subheadings. Most word processing programs or apps will help you formulate these automatically.

Recommendations Page

The recommendation page provides your readers with possible suggestions to assist in addressing the problems described in the report. Always refer back to the specific section of the report and figure or graph that relates to your recommendation.


Last is the appendix where you will list of the sources that you used in detail. You should use standard referencing formats should as APA or Harvard.


Varieties of Business Report

  • Business Plans
  • Technical Reports (IT Infrastructure, Engineering, Architectural etc)
  • Investment Analysis Reports
  • Company Annual Reports
  • IPO Client Orientated Reports
  • Sales Orientated Reports
  • Investment Banking Reports

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