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The Cambridge PET exam (Preliminary English Test) is an ideal qualification for intermediate users of English who want to use English more effectively in the workplace, in social situations or for study.

This exam covers all three exam papers (Speaking, listening, reading and writing) and focuses on practical language commonly used in work, social or academic situations.

Preparing for this exam will help improve your overall English abilities and build your confidence, allowing you to communicate more effectively in a variety of situations. It is also a popular route to taking more advanced English examinations such as the Cambridge First Certificate in English Test, TOEFL and IELTS exams.

HK-English's one to one private tuition is the best way to improve your business English rapidly. You will get 100% attention from the teacher and instant feedback on your mistakes. One hour of customised one-to-one tuition is like 20 hours in a big class!

HK English PET Course Overview

The customised PET course focuses on the three major areas to prepare you for the PET exam quickly:

Speaking Test:

Speaking practice for you to be able to handle speaking test with the examiner and one or two other candidates. This part develops your ability to ask and answer questions, express your opinions and take part in conversations.

Listening Test:

This part of the course develops your listening skills for you to extract the main ideas, listen for specific information and understand the opinion of the speakers in practicing PET style exercises including discussions and announcements.

Reading and Writing Papers:

Builds your reading comprehension skills to enable you to extract the main points from articles in newspapers, magazines and journals as well as signs.

Writing Paper: This focuses on test orientated tasks include writing messages and letters, as well as writing short stories.

A free English entrance assessment and a free mock Practice PET test will be given at the end of the course before you take the Cambridge PET exam.

Expert Native English PET Tutors

Our experienced PET tutors are all Native English speakers with years of experience in PET testing and teaching. They understand the test from the inside out and will help you improve your English skills quickly and effectively in order to get better marks in the test.

Extra PET Course Features

Regular Homework: In order to boost your progress, PET homework will be set and marked by the tutor with instant feedback on English grammar, style, cohesion and vocabulary use. You can send these in by email for the PET teacher to mark before your next lesson.

Flexible Tutorial Times & HK Island Location

We offer flexible times, friendly, experienced tutors and a convenient location on Hong Kong Island. We understand your busy schedule as well so we also offer make up classes as well as email submission of homework.

Class Registration

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The Advantage

Customised courses * Individual tuition
Skilled native English tutors
Effective Exam practice * Fast results
Flexible time schedules * Make up classes

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