IELTS Intensive Preparation Course in Hong Kong


After this course you will be: Well prepared for the taking the IELTS examination with confidence and get the test score you deserve.

Course Code : IE106 HK
國際英語測試 香港
Class Location: Hong Kong

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The IELTS Exam in Hong Kong

The IELTS exam is designed to test your English skills for immigration to foreign countries and as an admission screening test for overseas universities, colleges and schools. There are actually two exams:

  • General Training Test which focuses on workplace and general social English for immigration purposes
  • Academic Test which is specifically designed to test your English skills for study purposes. It includes some social English elements for you to be able to accomplish such things as renting a student apartment or visiting the doctor.

Full day exams are held every weekend in Hong Kong (HK Island and Kowloon Test centre locations are available) but it is best to book well in advance as the places are limited. Make sure you are well prepared before you take the exam as its quite expensive (around $1500). Also have a photo ready for the IELTS application form.

Aims of HK English’s IELTS Intensive Tutorial Class

The aim of this IELTS Intensive Course is to quickly improve your exam skills just before you take the examination in the 4 test papers: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing to ensure that you are fully prepared and able to get the highest test score possible in time for your University or College Entrance Deadline, If you want to prepare quickly for the exam then this is the course for you!

IELTS Tutorial Teaching Methods

The format is one-to-one course with an expert native English IELTS expert to prepare you for the examination quickly.
The course is 6 hours long and there are 3 classes which last 2 hours each. Its best to take this course a couple of weeks or so before your IELTS exam so that if you need extra top up lessons we can held you fir those in.

IELTS Class Schedule

Since this is one-to-one tuition we can set up a course timetable quickly and easily to fit your schedule before your exam date..

The tutor will give help, feedback, tips and guidance on the specific papers that you want to improve most in order for you to get maximum scores in each of the test papers. You can choose to study all the 4 exam papers or, if you prefer,concentrate one just one or two e.g. writing and speaking tests only.

IELTS Exam Teaching Materials

The course uses HKEnglish's professional customised teaching materials as well as text books provided free for use within the classroom. You are encouraged to bring in your own writing paper practice reports & essays as materials for use within the course. You can also choose our optional free mock IELTS test with expert feedback if you wish.

Expert Native English IELTS Tutors

Our IELTS experts are all Very Experienced, Native English speakers with years of experience in the IELTS examination testing process and teaching. They understand the test from the inside out and will help you improve your English skills quickly and effectively in order to get better marks in the test.

IELTS Intensive Workshop - Tutorial Venue
The IELTS INTENSIVE COURSE is held at our conveniently located office on Hong Kong Island just above the MTR (HK Island Line).

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Extended IELTS Practice Lessons

We also run longer IELTS preparation courses that last over one or two months.


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