Intensive Business English Communication Course

For Senior Executives & Managers

After this course you will be able to: Communicate with foreigners clearly and effectively in a variety of business and social situations.

Course Code : BEI-!0HK

(Hong Kong)

Do you:-
  • Have business meetings with native English speakers?
  • Have to travel overseas to western countries for business trips?
  • Give important business presentations or public speeches in English?
  • Participate in teleconferences or telephone meetings with foreign customers or your colleagues at HQ?
  • Host dinners and social functions for foreign clients or staff from your head office?
  • Manage large scale company events such as conferences and delegations
  • Want to improve your English standard quickly?

Being able to communicate accurately and fluently in Hong Kong's global trading environment English is essential if you have to do business with foreign clients or have meetings with your foreign staff. As a Senior Executive or Manager good Business English Skills are something that you must have.

Business English Communication Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to enable you to learn Spoken and Written English quickly so that you can meet and work with foreigners easily and confidently.

Teaching Methods

HKEnglish are specialists in providing 1 on 1 personalised courses focused on developing your skill set quickly and effectively. Your personal business coach will work with you to develop your own communication style and will stay with you throughout the duration of the course.

Native English Teachers and Business Skills Trainers

All our tutors at HK-English are friendly, experienced, native speakers. Your tutor will give help, instant feedback and guidance focusing on English for your specific industry (for example Investment Banking or Financial Services) in Hong Kong or overseas.

Flexible Course Modules

There is total flexibility in the course because of the 1-1 format and so you may select whichever topics you want to improve most quickly. For instance you may wish to work on English for business travel and social events, or listening skills in teleconferences or video conference meetings.

Teaching Materials

Your tutor will select a range of materials for use in the course including’s own specialised teaching materials, industry specific business communications text books and videos. We use video feedback intensively as it allows for rapid skill development. If you have documents, speeches or presentations of your own then you can also bring these along to the lessons.

The Business English CommunicatioN Skills Course is Suitable For

The Intensive Business English Course is suitable for all levels of staff who have to use English in the office or when on business trips - including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, General Managers, Presidents and Vice Presidents - especially those involved in IPO and IPO roadshows; Senior management staff such as investment bankers and insurance professionals, investment analysts and financial services executives,brand strategists, marketing, public relations and advertising executives, environmental protection service managers, systems analysts, IT directors, information techology managers, telecommunications and internet service provider managers,, lawyers and legal services professionals, logistics and transport managers, architects and designers,infrastructure & real estate staff,, project managers and hospitality managers.

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