Business English Report Writing Course


After this course you will:

Be able to write clear and logically organised business and technical reports. You will be able to write effective business reports that get suit your specific readers and the results you need.

Course Code : BER10 HK (Hong Kong)

Writing Business Reports requires both a high standard of English as well as specialised technical writing skills.

Do you write like this:-

The writer who produces a long report on a complex topic and who then includes only sub-headings and nothing else such as an executive summary or contents page is a common object of complaint among professionals of all kinds.

If so, we can teach you to write like this:-

Professionals of all kinds commonly complain about writers who produce long reports which do not include an executive summary or contents page.

Aims of the Report Writing Course

This course will teach you how to write clear, well organised and grammatically correct business reports in English. It will also develop your own writing style, English grammar and report writing specific vocabulary. HKEnglish promotes the use of Plain English in its writing programs that focuses on the use of clear, concise and easy to read words, sentences and grammatical structures.

Teaching Methods

The Business Report Writing Course is structured as a one on one course to enable rapid learning. You have 100% of the teacher’s attention with instant feedback on your writing improvement as well as about your mistakes. The course includes an in depth analysis of your writing style and your grammar problems to ensure that you improve quickly.


We use our own specialised report writing tutoring materials as well as text books. However, the actual materials that we use depend on your learning needs. For instance you may want to focus on writing

Investment Analyst Reports

or you may need to write technical reports for IT projects. Each student is different so we tailor the course content accordingly.

You are most welcome (and indeed encouraged) to bring along existing reports that you have written or samples of reports that you need to write.

Native Business English Tutors

All of our tutors have extensive experience in teaching business report writing. The majority of our

Business English Teachers

have worked in business themselves (including ex investment & private banking directors). They are Business Report Writing Experts and will help you quickly improve your writing skills.

Written Business English Syllabus

  • Format of business reports
  • Formal versus Informal report writing
  • Business report language and structure
  • Proper use of Formal Report Tone and Style
  • Grammar - Including Passive Voice
  • Business Report Organisation and Structure
  • Use of Plain English in Report Writing to ensure clarity
  • Analyzing and summarising data
  • Business Report Specific Vocabulary
  • How to write an executive summary
  • Writing recommendations
  • How to write a bibliography
  • Business Report Referencing systems - APA and Harvard

Business English Report Types

  • Business Plans
  • Technical Reports (IT Infrastructure, Engineering, Architectural etc)
  • Investment Analyst Reports
  • Growth Proposal Reports
  • Internal Reports
  • Client Orientated Reports
  • Business Trading - Summary Reports

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