How to register for a course


Registration Procedure

Signing up for one of our Quality Courses is simple and can be done online via email. There is no pre-testing or English assessment before you start so you don’t even have to visit our office!

After selecting your course simply tell us when you prefer to have your lessons. We work on a fixed schedule so you have to come at a regular time and day each week.

After we confirm your schedule then we ask you to [pay a deposit. After that you are registered and ready to start your course. Its that simple!

What happens if I can’t attend or have to cancel a particular class?

We understand how busy you are and that you have to travel. Many of our clients are business executives who have regular business trips overseas. So, if you can’t make a lesson then just give us 24 hours notice and we will rearrange your lesson during the same week or postpone it until the following lesson or whenever you are back.

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