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How to get ready for the IELTS SpeakingTest

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A good method is to use IELTS Practice Exam Books. Cambridge University Press publish a great series: Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS Self-study student's book IELTS Practice Tests: Authors Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell. There are 5 books in the series! Most good Hong Kong bookshops have them.

However, preparing on your own has major disadvantages - especially for the speaking and writing papers since you will no have any feedback on your performance or advice on how to improve your exam skills to get a better score. The IELTS exam is also quite expensive (about HK$1500) and your time may be limited so it is better to prepare properly and take an IELTS Preparation Course before your exam to make sure.

Remember you may have to wait another year to get into university if you cant get the test score that you need this time.
An expert IELTS tutor (often these are actual IELTS examiners) can help you prepare and improve your test scores by giving exact strategies and tips for success. For speaking and Writing it is especially important to make sure you are up to standard before taking the exam. They will teach you all the tricks to get the highest score! is a leader in IELTS Tuition in Hong Kong. We have been providing IELTS tuition to local HK residents since 2001 and have experienced native expert IELTS tutors. Do you need IELTS Score 7 or 8? Our tutors can help you get it quickly!

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