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Hong Kong IELTS Exam Speaking Paper - Test Overview IELTS Preparation Course - Click Here

It is designed to test your English level: General Training IELTS Module for immigration and Academic Module for entrance to university. The Academic IELTS Exam module is sometimes also used to screen job applications in companies and in the HK Government promotion system as well . Both have 4 papers:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

All candidates take the same Speaking and Listening test but there are different Reading and Writing Papers for the Academic or General Training option.

The Speaking test takes 15 minute and has 3 parts. Each section gets progressively harder.

Speaking Test Sample Questions

Part 1 Sample Questions - General Introductions and easy questions on common topics such as home, work and study. To get higher marks candidates have to answer in complete sentences giving full answers and yes/no answers are not acceptable.

  • How did you get here today?
  • Are you working or studying?
  • Why are you taking the IELTS test?
  • Can you tell me about your family?
  • Where do you live?
  • Can you describe the area where you live?
  • What do you like most about living there?
  • What do you think about the traffic in your city?
  • How could the transport system be improved?

Part 2 Sample Questions - The student has to give a brief talk (mini presentation) lasting 1 to 2 minutes on a familiar subject making sure they cover all the points on the question sheet. 1 minute is given for preparation and the candidate can take notes.

  • Describe a party that you once attended, You should say:
  • Where it took place
  • Why it was held
  • How you felt about it
  • Describe a book that you read recently. You should say:
  • When you first heard or read it
  • What you particularly liked about it
  • Why you think it was popular
  • The examiner will stop you when its time to move on and ask a follow up question such as "Do you read a lot of books?"

Part 3 Sample Questions - This is an extended discussion following on from the topic in Question 2 and the student has to give their opinions with reasons as well as discussing wider issues related to this.

Do you think people should read more books?
Should books be cheaper do you think?
Are books still important in the age of the internet?
Do you think the information of the internet is reliable?
Should there be more control over the internet and things published there?
Is the internet influential on young people?
Should governments censor the internet? What about newspapers and books?
How has the internet changed peoples lives?
How to get ready for the IELTS Test

A common way to prepare for the examination is by practicing past IELTS papers. You can buy IELTS Practice Test books from most good bookstores including the Bookstore at However, this has major disadvantages - especially for the speaking and writing papers since you will no have any feedback on your performance or how to improve your English and examination skills in order to get the highest marks. The IELTS exam is also quite expensive (about HK$1500) and your time may be limited so it is better to prepare properly and take an IELTS Preparation Course right before your exam to ensure that you can get the IELTS certificate before your University, College or School deadline. Why wait another year?

An expert IELTS tutor (often these are actual IELTS examiners) can help you prepare and improve your test scores by giving exact strategies and tips for success. For speaking and Writing it is especially important to make sure you are up to standard before taking the exam.

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