IELTS Video Lesson - Speaking Tips & Tutorials

IELTS Exam Speaking Test Tips

by Ian Nock
  • Watch the Video above
  • Know the structure of the exam
  • Answer with grammatically correct sentences
  • Elaborate on your answers e.g. Examiner: What type of sports do you like? You: Don’t just say “Football”. Instead say “ I love football because I can interact with the other players competitively
  • Don’t use “Yes/No” answers
  • Avoid long pauses.
  • Listen to the questions carefully. If you can’t understand ask for clarification
  • Know the sort of topics : e.g. hobbies, food, travel, environment, where you live
  • If you make a mistake then its ok to correct yourself.
  • Answer all the points in part 2
  • Part 3 is the hardest & you might not be able to understand or answer the last couple of questions. Don’t worry - this is so the examiner can assess your proficiency limit.
  • Use formal expressions in part 3 rather than informal.

About The IELTS Test

The IELTS test (International English Language Testing Scheme) is the most used English test in the world. Its used for University & college entrance as well as for professional immigration e,g, for accountants going to Australia.

About the author - Ian Nock is CEO, Director of Studies and Senior Business Coach at

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