IELTS Video Lesson - Writing Paper 2 Tips & Tutorials

IELTS Exam Writing Paper Two - Test Tips

by Ian Nock
  • Watch the video above
  • Analyse the question. It is often in two parts: a background statement and specific aspect of that. Make sure you are answering about that aspect not the general topic.Paragraph your answer. A good answer should be 3 or 4 paragraphs. As a guide, the intro should be approx. 50 words; main body 170; and conclusion 30 to 40. But these amounts are guides not rules.
  • Use a variety of sentence lengths and types. In particular, the use of complex sentences (ones with subordination/dependent clauses) are considered a sign of good writing.
  • Link paragraphs and sentences well. Your paragraphs should not be able to be ‘moved’ within the essay and the sense and progress of it maintained. Sentences should be linked, but do not overuse conjunctions. Good writing does not endlessly use the same subject for sentences. Rather, pronouns or synonyms are substituted for it.
  • Don’t copy the question. This will not count.

About The IELTS Test

The IELTS test (International English Language Testing Scheme) is the most used English test in the world. Its used for University & college entrance as well as for professional immigration e,g, for accountants going to Australia.

About the author - Ian Nock is CEO, Director of Studies and Senior Business Coach at

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