Why it’s so important to have your academic thesis proof read by a professional.

Why it’s so important to have your academic thesis proof read by a professional.

After investing years of your life in the pursuit of academic excellence, as well as a considerable amount of money to fund your further education, you are likely to be at the final stages of your thesis or dissertation writing. It is a very stressful time and you probably just want to get it over with and get the certificate. I did.

When I was doing my Master’s I found that the actual research was the easy part. Getting together hundreds of references and utilising them to support my arguments was a little harder than the research but not half as difficult as actually writing my thesis.

I had often questioned myself “what’s the point of this anyway?” I had worked on this rather thick document for almost two years and my eyes were tired with reading and re-reading the text. I had adjusted, edited, and formatted the content over and over again after what seemed like months of consultations with my supervisor. But when the external examiner’s comments came back I almost gave up. What upset me most was that his (or her) comments were mostly about the vocabulary and spelling errors!

Even though I thought I had proof read it very carefully myself, I had overlooked these simple errors because I had been working on my dissertation for so long. I never thought to have another person to look over it.

I was very upset and ready to give up entirely. I had really had enough this time. How dare they! I am English after all. Luckily my kind supervisor suggested that I hand over this last arduous task to a professional proof reading company. Their professional editors were ex-university professors and went over my thesis to correct every last word and punctuation mark. It was worth every dollar I spent.

I re-submitted my thesis for the very last time and a couple of months later received that glorious notification letter telling me that my degree had been awarded!

That final spelling, grammar and vocabulary check saved my life as well as my Master’s degree, and gave me peace of mind that I had really done the utmost to finish this project perfectly.

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