Advanced Business English Course in Hong Kong

HKEnglish has recently launched a new *Advanced Business English Course* focusing on developing extended communication skills for senior executives, managers and other business professionals based in Hong Kong.

It is is suitable for those students who already have a good grounding in English but wish to extend their knowledge, understanding and practical application of written and spoken English in the workplace.

HKEnglish primarily uses focused _one-to-one_ training, and their native English tutors are also have business experience so they know exactly what business English students in Hong Kong need to communicate at a higher level.

Each course is customised to the student's exact needs taking into consideration their current English skills, their immediate needs and also their ongoing English learning objectives.

*Selected Syllabus Items include:*

* Meetings
* Managing people effectively in English
* Presentations
* Socialising
* Managing Projects
* Pronunciation and Intonation
* Effective email writing
* Grammar focus
* Vocabulary development

We provide a range of
Business English Courses including Oral Business English (speaking and listening), Business writing and grammar Business Presentation Skills, Preparation for Job Interviews.

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