How can I improve my business writing?

English is the most common medium for written communication in Hong Kong.

Although Cantonese is used for day to day work, nearly all emails, memo's, notices and letters are written in English.

The bad news is that people are more likely to spot your bad English when it is written down. They have lots of time to read and re-read your emails and find every single grammar mistake!

What is worse is that the number of emails that employees have to handle is increasing every day. Even low level staff have to respond to emails in English these days.

So what can you do to improve your business English writing? Well, luckily the answer is simple! Study and practice more.

HKEnglish.Com's one to one private tuition is the best way to improve your business English rapidly. You will get 100% attention from the teacher and instant feedback on your mistakes. One hour of customised one-to-one tuition is like 20 hours in a big class!

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