Investing in your career in Hong Kong

*October 2008:* Stock markets around the world are all down and it seems there is no end in sight to the financial turmoil that is affecting the global economy. Prominent economists don't seem to have an answer and, apparently, neither do the world's governments.

There is no doubt businesses will be trying to cut costs to restore profit margins, and at the same time become more selective about the staff they hire and the staff they retain. Job cuts are already happening and, according to some news wires, some entire factories and offices are closing down for good in certain parts of the world.

This couldn't be a better time to invest in your career and your business skills. Of course, one of the most important skills is your ability to communicate in English. Good English is vital in the global marketplace and with better English you can outshine the competition and secure the job, and salary, you deserve.

Good communication can also help you to have more job satisfaction. And what could be better than a great salary? Enjoying what you do each day will reduce stress and make your life so much happier.

Do you want to be confident that your English is correct and that you are communicating your message clearly when you send out an email? Do you want to enjoy meetings in English rather than dreading them? And do you want to reduce your nervousness when giving important business presentations?

Just being able to make social English conversation with your colleagues or clients is also an important business skill. And a skill that will be noticed by your peers and bosses.

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