Video Lesson: How to Prepare for a Job Interview & Answer Job Interview Questions

VIDEO: How to Prepare for a Job Interview & Answer Job Interview Questions

Ten Top Interview Tips - Hong Kong

Are you thinking of changing jobs or looking for promotion in the coming year? Is it a long time since you had an interview? Are you constantly getting interviews but never getting the job? Moving ahead in your career can be exciting, but also a challenging process.

If you want out perform the competition then read ahead...

*Ten Top Interview Tips*

1. Get as much information about the job and prospective employer as you can. Read their website. Search on Google.

2. Improve your English skills and get interview practice by enrolling in an Interview Skills Course.

3. Ask yourself: "Do I really want this job?" and "Why?". If it is just for "more money" but you don't really fancy the actual job, then this will come over in the interview you may not get the position.

4. Update and revise your CV for each job you apply for. You need to customise it to the actual job on offer.

5. Be nice to everyone in the building. The person you push past to get into the lift may be the interviewer!

6. Understand the interview process. What type of interview will you have to attend? How many rounds?

7. Keep copies of the job advertisement and keep the CV and cover letter you sent in along with the job advertisement.

8. Be physically prepared. First impressions are key to success, so make sure you are well groomed and wearing the appropriate dress. Have a haircut and get your suit dry cleaned.

9. Ensure your body language shows your charming personality remember to smile. Eye contact is important as well, so don't look down when you are nervous.

10. Prepare some questions to ask the interviewers. When they ask "Do you have any questions?" you will be ready to show your interest in the company and enthusiasm for the job.

*Get Prepared*

" runs an Interview Skills course that involves in-depth preparation and intensive one-to-one practice interviews.

We employ proven teaching methods which allow for effective and interesting training.

*Course tailored to participants' exact needs
with 1-1 Practice Interviews

*Hong Kong Government Civil Service Disciplinary forces (HK Police, Immigration Department, Customs Excise etc) interview format can be covered if required.

Dress for success at job interviews

Job interviews can be a daunting affair. After spending endless hours revising your resume (or using a great service like's resume writing service) you have finally obtained an interview for your dream job.

You have attended's wonderful Interview Skills Course to polish your performance and make you become the star candidate. On the surface you are top of the list - but what about when the employer actually meets you? What do you wear? Oh dear.... Well, don't worry too much. The key points to remember are conservative and formal.

Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Reserve your interview clothes for just that to make sure they are always ready for that last minute interview invitation. Men should wear a dark two piece suit with a white shirt, and a conservative silk tie - but not red which shows authority. And no Bart Simpson / Christmas tree ties either! Black lace up shoes (cleaned and polished) but never boots. Choose black socks, a black belt and take along a briefcase or a portfolio.

Women should also dress formally in a dark business suit. Never wear a dress. Smart business style shoes with sensible heels. Conservative tights - no patterned ones or fishnet. Forget your handbag and take along a portfolio instead (in a conservative colour - no pinks!). For both genders a trip to the hair salon is an excellent idea, but again avoid outlandish hair colouring. More conservative styles for women and clean cut for men. Also avoid wearing rings unless it's a wedding or engagement ring.

Men should remove earrings and women should only wear one pair. Nose and eyebrow rings are definitely out. If you have to smoke before the interview to calm your nerves then make sure you use a mouth spray but avoid candy or gum or you may forget to take it out before being called.

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