How to answer Interview Questions = Tips

Job interviews are some of the most stressful events in anyone's life. After all a lot of pleasure (or pain) over several years depends on it. Its an opportunity for experienced senior managers with decades of experience in their field to move up a notch (or two) and make it big time. You have set your objectives and spent hours preparing your CV and cover letter.

Off they flew and now... wow! You have an invitation for an interview. 9am. Monday morning. City centre... Thats stressful enough... but wait a minute. What will they ask you? What will you say? It's been years since you were at the receiving end of an interview panel.

Being prepared is more than just suiting up and turning up. Proper strategies and rehearsal is a must. And this is where coaching on difficult questions, with answers tailored exactly to your needs, is essential.

One to one coaching is the most effective way to get up to standard in any sport. And a lot more depends upon your performance in your upcoming 30 minute interview marathon than it does on any game of golf. So invest in yourself and sign up for "One to One Interview Coaching":

Interview questions... even the easy ones like "Tell me about yourself." can be a minefield if you are not properly prepared.

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